Be happy

Before I met F, I had decided to take time for myself and cultivate my own happiness. It was important to me to feel happy and complete on my own. This way, when I decided to enter in a relationship with F I felt ready to share my happiness. He was the icing on my cake. I had built my solid base which could support the icing on the top allowing me to fully enjoy our relationship and appreciate anything extra he would bring me. I believe it is a key for a healthy relationship not to look for the other one to fill any gaps. The Canadian feminist poet Rupi Kaur describes it as two individuals who are stronger together when complete on their own. “I do not want to have you fill the empty parts of me. I want to be full on my own. I want to be so complete I could light a whole city and then I want to have you cause the two of us combined could set it on fire”. Happiness comes from within us. Xandria Ooi explains in her video here how it is in our control to bring happiness within our life. It is not about what happens around us, but about our decision on how to react on external events. We make the choice to be happy. If you are looking to invest time in your own happiness, I definitely recommend the circle of happiness. This project helped me making my happiness my focus, integrating important values like gratitude, mindfulness or kindness in my daily life and making some of my dreams come true. Find out more information here.

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