Giving without expectation

When I started my relationship with F I decided to apply something crucial I am still practicing – giving without expectation. When you give without expectation you open yourself, you are ready to give from yourself, embrace your feelings and express them, make efforts and compromises without having any security or guaranty. Yes, it is scary and yes there is a big risk of getting hurt but there is also a big chance of finding happiness. Because love is expansive. A famous Buddhist said: “You must love in such a way that the person you love feels free”. This is not innate and it takes practice. In her video here Xandria Ooi highlights the benefits of giving without resentment. She explains how important it is to give without expectation in order to get rid of the heavy negative emotions and frustrations. Giving truly allows the recipient to receive the gift and be able to appreciate it without feeling any pressure. When giving from a pure motive, we create an empowering mindset that will allow a free flow of energy that will feel equally good on both sides. This attitude allows the relationship to flourish.

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