Enjoying your relationship

“The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time”. Yes F and me are working on our relationship on a constant basis and we decided to face all problems, issues, frustration and misunderstandings openly and to solve them. But we for sure do not forget to enjoy and have fun in our life. We love to travel together, discover new places and culture, make experiences. We also enjoy having a nice meal together, to go for a walk or to sit on a terrace of a cafe and enjoy the first sunshine of spring. Many recent studies show that increasing the number of sweet moments of fun and celebration in your loving relationship actually creates more connection and intimacy over time than showing up in the hard times. Relationships start to suffer when more attention is given on problems rather than on enjoying moments together. Yes hard times makes us stronger but good times make us more connected! According to Dr. John Gottman´s, the magic ratio is 5:1. In other words it takes five times as many positive moments as negative ones to make a relationship stable and happy. This unequal ratio is due to the fact that negativity has a lot more ability to inflict pain and damage than positivity has to heal and bring you closer. Watch his video here.

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