Positive energy

Have you ever been trapped in a phase of negative energy in your relationship where anything you do is blaming each other, pointing your finger at each other? Your feelings of irritation and resentment prohibit you from feeling close to your partner and your love seem to be lost?

Well the good news is that the love is still there but you just cannot access it because of the bad energy invading you. The negative thinking affects our attitude and behaviour as well as the way we see things. We end up getting sucked into this negative state of mind.

How to reverse this situation? It is simple. Just change your focus. The mind is an incredibly powerful tool which allows you to get what you decide to focus on.

In her video Xandria Ooi discusses how we instinctively react to the negativity of other people by mirroring it to defend ourselves. However, it is possible to take the opposite action and give love instead of hate because this is what will bring us true happiness.

Do the first step. Show the example. Act nice and be kind. It will become contagious while you create a new vibe of positive energy. Let go of grudges and learn to forgive.

Instead of automatically accentuating the worst in your partner, choose to energize positive qualities. Look at what your partner brings you rather than what is missing. Switch your focus and pay attention to what is working well and you will create more of it.

From the simplest to the most intimate actions in our relationship we are always generating energy for that relationship.

Remember to thank your partner, express your gratitude about something nice they said or something kind they did. This will bring the everyday dose of spackle to keep the positive energy. It will encourage them to repeat it.

Emphasise and recognize the qualities of your partner to bring the best of it. Actively notice the efforts and the good intentions of the other one.

Let the positive energy translates into your attitude, your behaviour, your body language and the ton of your voice.

Your relationship will grow stronger, you will feel happier and more fulfilled.

Love and kindness mediation is a great way to practice spreading positive energy and love. Find the video here.


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