How to find balance in your relationship?

Let’s get inspired from a successful, happy and fulfilled Swiss couple blogger who travels the world under the motto “every day is a good day”.

Every day literally means for them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they work, live and travel together.

So, what is their key to find balance?

The answer is to be found in their bloggers’ name: Saturday and Sunday. They are a dream team as they complement each other like Saturday and Sunday do.

Each of them can find in their work and life projects the free space to express themselves by contributing with their own strength, expertise and skills and bringing their own personality touch. At the same time, they are not afraid to lose themselves, as they are open for change and understood that personalities like values can evolve and develop along the path.

By doing so they stay strong as individuals but also get to grow as a team and a couple.

But as you might have understood, Saturday and Sunday do not only stand for their complementarity but also for their differences.

So, how do they manage to fulfil their different needs?

It’s very easy. While Kilian needs some moments of peace and calm in his life, Loredana for who this is a waste of time, let him enjoy a glass of wine with a good book at home while she goes out and meet her girlfriends to fulfil her needs for action.

Even though they do a lot together, they do not need to spend every minute together. But the most important is that they are always there for each other. In 9 years of relationship they have had some ups and downs but went through by accepting that just like humans, relationships cannot be perfect.

For them balance is also about balancing out the disagreements and hard times with a lot of positive energy and love!

And as we know, “Love wins, love always wins”.

Follow them around the world here.

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