Faith in love

Do you think that fairytales only exist in movies? Well, you might change your mind after reading the story of Marie and Jake, an inspiringly happy travel couple blogger.

Marie and Jake met in Thailand while travelling. Immediately they felt a connection. Until now nothing too special. So, what is so different about their story? The answer is that they chose LOVE.

While a lot of us would be reasonable and choose security and what society would define as the right choice, they chose to have faith in love. After only knowing each other for 5 days, Jake changed his original plans and went through a crazy adventure to go and meet Marie again. After 5 weeks of knowing each other, they already both had a tattoo of the other’s name or their initials marked on their body. And after 2 months, they had both decided to give up on everything they had to be together and go explore the world .

Does it sound crazy? Well it might as well be the key for happiness. Choosing love took them on an amazing adventure they would never have imagined to live. It took them to beautiful places where they would never think they would go. But above all it gave them the strength, courage and confidence to take risks and to believe that anything is possible.

Does it sound unreal? Of course, they also argue and disagree like in every relationship. But their differences make them stronger and while reconciling they get closer. Their love inspires each other to complete themselves and to become the best version of themselves.

Do they regret their choice? Well, I guess there is no need to ask to realize while following their stories and seeing the smile on their faces, that the love and happiness they found was worth everything they gave up for.

As they say: “If you love yourself, if you love what you do, if you love where you live or if you love another person that loves you, it doesn’t matter, it all feels the same! Love as much as you can and let that sun shines into your life”.

Check out their blog  here for more inspiration.



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