How to take your goals from dream to reality?

Let’s get inspired from Marianne & Gal.

When Marie was young she was just like other kids filled with dreams for the future. As she grew up she started to become more realistic and followed the conventional path by studying and juggling between two jobs, likes grownups are supposed to do.

Very soon, she got fed up with this life and decided to explore another path. The path of her own choice and her own life. The one that she would create. And it is by doing what she loves, travelling, that she met Gal on a road trip in Canada. Gal had move from Israel to Canada at the age of 15 and was also looking for something that would fulfill him as the school system didn’t provide him what he was looking for.

They immediately fell in love and decided to continue pursuing their dream together. Their dream was to see as much as possible of the world. They bought a one-way ticket to Thailand which was the start of their adventure, the one they will create. They both believe that life is more than going to work to make money to buy things and wait all year for the vacation to enjoy! It should be about having fun, laughing and doing things that we are passionate about. This was their motivation to take a bold choice because the bigger risk would be to settle down for a life they did not choose.

Was it scary? Probably, but being together made them feel it was easier because no matter what would happen, they would always have each other!

It didn’t last long until they ran out of savings. But does that mean it should be the end of their adventure? Not at all, they continued creating the life they wanted by searching ideas on how to make money online. Did they have a degree for this? Not at all, but they taught themselves by watching videos on YouTube.

They would have never got there if they wouldn’t have pushed each other every single day and kept going! They feed their thoughts with positivity to have the mindset that drives them. They listen to their instincts and trust that all will be good because they are doing what they love and because they are together!

While their friends back home are buying their first house and are having kids, they own only a backpack. They never went on a first date or asked each other out. They did not follow the conventional path, but they get to be together 24/7 and to discover the world side by side. They have countless stories to tell, their head is filled with memories, they soul is filled with happiness and they heart is filled with love!

Follow @madetwotravel two young people who where made to travel together and who followed their dream to make it reality.

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